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Sustainability 2020

Amsterdam is growing and that means that more goods are being transported into and out of the city. This includes textiles. As a result, more textile products are being thrown away: each year, around 10 kilos per person. In addition, garments are being worn less, partly because we have more money to spend on new clothes, and partly because on average the quality of clothes has decreased, leading to them wearing out or showing defects quicker. COVID-19 has shown that we need to start treating our valuable resources differently. In April 2020, Amsterdam’s City Council announced the aim of becoming a frontrunner with its approach to textiles. The City of Amsterdam’s goal is to procure more circular textile products. All too often, the ‘easier’ choice has been taken, such as using recycled polyester.

The City buys a wide range of textile products. Some examples are towels, bathrobes, towelling slippers, shirts, sweatshirts, first-aid blankets, and so on. With this challenge, we want to link ambitious businesses to concrete procurement tasks from the City, so that we may take some small steps towards making the textile chain circular and thus contribute to the greater good.

The Challenge
Develop a circular textile product that matches the procurement needs of the City in the coming four years.

The solution offered by the Startup must meet the following minimal criteria

  • The solution must demonstrate experience with circular yarns and product development;
  • The solution must show transparency about and for several partners;
  • The solution must demonstrate knowledge of the industry and the necessary network;
  • The solutions must use textiles from the region.

Issued by
Afval en Grondstoffen/ Circular, programma circulair textiel

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Download and fill in the the Uniform Europees Aanbestedingsdocument (UEA). This is the Dutch version of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD). You can download the UEA here. Please make sure you download and open the UEA form in Acrobat Reader and don’t forget to fill in and sign the document before you upload it.* If you don’t understand Dutch, please download the English manual here. In the UEA you declare that you meet the general criteria (See ‘What is a startup?’ in the Tender) and the specific criteria per challenge.


Make sure that all information is complete

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We are Startup
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Training programme

During a six month programme you will receive training 1 day per two weeks. This ranges from value proposition building to Growth Hacking and from intellectual property to financial administration. In addition, we have created a series of workshops about how the City of Amsterdam works (for example: decision making and procurement).


The leadmentors of the programme will guide you during the whole programme. They will measure progress weekly and help you when needed. At the beginning of the programme there will be a matching between startups and mentors

Knowledge and Expertise

To offer you access to advice and specialist knowledge we have created a network of partners. You are free to ask questions throughout the programme (for example, concerning: legal matters, finance, online marketing, technology).