Circular Construction

Sustainability 2020

From 2023 onwards, the City of Amsterdam aims to focus on circular and social criteria when commission the development of buildings and public spaces. Due to the major renovation and construction challenges that Amsterdam faces, we have to get a head start in circular construction as soon as possible. The Amsterdam Circular 2020-2025 Strategy details exactly how the city can realise a circular economy. The main objectives of this strategy are:

  • by 2030, we will have reduced our use of new raw materials by 50%
  • by 2050, our city will be 100% circular

And as a municipality, we are aiming to adhere to the following interim objectives:

  • by 2022, 10% of the City’s procurement will be circular
  • by 2023, all of the City’s calls for tender within the built-up environment will be circular

To get to that point, we are going to have to work hard over the coming years and gain new experiences in the fields of sustainable and circular construction.

To meet our targets, we have to embrace new innovations that will help us accelerate towards a circular economy.

The Challenge
Come up with an innovative solution to stimulate circular construction. This can be in either products and/or services that can be used in circular construction and renovation.

  • the solution offered by the Startup must meet the following minimal criteria
  • the solution offered must display knowledge in circular construction principles
  • the solution offered must be based on good knowledge of the materials market;
  • the solution offered must be based on experience in sustainable renovation techniques;
  • propose a solution that is affordable and scalable.

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Download and fill in the the Uniform Europees Aanbestedingsdocument (UEA). This is the Dutch version of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD). You can download the UEA here. Please make sure you download and open the UEA form in Acrobat Reader and don’t forget to fill in and sign the document before you upload it.* If you don’t understand Dutch, please download the English manual here. In the UEA you declare that you meet the general criteria (See ‘What is a startup?’ in the Tender) and the specific criteria per challenge.


Make sure that all information is complete

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We are Startup
in Residence Amsterdam

Training programme

During a six month programme you will receive training 1 day per two weeks. This ranges from value proposition building to Growth Hacking and from intellectual property to financial administration. In addition, we have created a series of workshops about how the City of Amsterdam works (for example: decision making and procurement).


The leadmentors of the programme will guide you during the whole programme. They will measure progress weekly and help you when needed. At the beginning of the programme there will be a matching between startups and mentors

Knowledge and Expertise

To offer you access to advice and specialist knowledge we have created a network of partners. You are free to ask questions throughout the programme (for example, concerning: legal matters, finance, online marketing, technology).